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Frequently Asked Questions

AP-WRC3iF Autopilot Remote Controls


Q. My AP-WRC3iF no longer works with IOS 10 - why is that and what can I do?

A. A change made by Apple in IOS 10 means the default IP address of used by the AP-WRC3iF remotes purchased before December 2016 no longer works. All new AP-WRC3iF remotes have therefore been configured with a different IP address ( since December 2016 to make them work with IOS 10. Fortunately Apple have fixed this issue and IOS 10.3.2 will once again work with the original IP address of (as well as the new IP address). Meanwhile, we created a utiliy app that AP-WRC3iF owners can use to change the IP address themselves. The utility can be downloaded from the 'Downloads' page. The utility app will not work with all AP-WRC3iF remotes however - as a guide, if you prurchased your AP-WRC3iF prior to January 2016 the app will work with your AP-WRC3iF and you'll be able to change the IP address. The best idea however, particularly for those who purcahsed their AP-WRC3iF in 2016, is to just wait until IOS 10.3.2 is released (likely sometime in May 2017).


Q. Does the AP-WRC3iF (or AP-WRC3) work with the latest Evolution autopilots like the EV-100?

A. Yes, however you'll need to purchase a Raymarine SeaTalk to SeaTalkng converter to be able to connect the AP-WRC3iF (or AP-WRC3) to the Evolution autopilot. See the 'Downloads' page to download a typical connection diagram.


Q. Does the iSteer remote control use Bluetooth or WiFi?

A. It uses WiFi (it is an access point)


Q. Is the iSteer WiFi network open or secure?

A. The iSteer WiFi network is secure using WPA2-PSK. A unique password is factory set.


Q. Can I request a particular password to be set in my iSteer remote control?

A. Yes, just send an email to after placing your order and advise the password you would like to be set (minimum of 8 characters)


Q. Can the iSteer remotes be added to an existing system which has a remote control already?

A. Yes, the Madman Mariine remote controls use SeaTalk and can therefore be connected to an existing SeaTalk network and used alongside an existing remote control.


Q. Can the iSteer remote controls bridge SeaTalk data to WiFi so that apps like iRegatta can use the data?

A. No. Only specific data is read from the autopilot and displayed on the iSteer app (actual autopilot mode, heading and autopilot course)


Q. Is there an Android version of iSteer?

A. Yes! An Android version of iSteer is available from the Google Play Store.

iSteer for Android