The latest model of the very successful AP-WRC3 series of autopilot remote controls!

This new model has been redesigned with a new, more powerful microcontroller and includes an additional LED to indicate whether or not the AP-WRC4 is connected to an autopilot. It's also lighter and the complete package costs less to ship (to most destinations).


The AP-WRC4 works with any Raymarine autopilot with SeaTalk.


Make course changes (+/- 1 degree, +/- 10 degrees), autotack to port and starboard and change modes between Standby, Auto, Track and Wind Vane using the included fobs.

Comes with 2 x waterproof fobs and 1 x antenna (433MHz)..
Also includes a DIP switch to enable or disable the ability to select Standby mode from Button B. Great if you want to avoid accidentally putting your autopilot into Standby mode!
(Note that a Raymarine SeaTalk to SeaTalkng converter is also required for use with Evolution autopilots).

* Autopilot must be a SeaTalk capable model

AP-WRC4 Autopilot Remote Control

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