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*** Approx. US $170 + shipping ۰ the lowest cost wireless autopilot remote control available! ***

The new AP-WRC4 works with any Raymarine autopilot with SeaTalk*


The latest model of the very successful AP-WRC3 series of autopilot remote controls!

This new model has been redesigned with a new, more powerful microcontroller and includes an additional LED to indicate whether or not the AP-WRC4 is connected to an autopilot. It's also lighter and the complete package costs less to ship (to most destinations).


Make course changes (+/- 1 degree, +/- 10 degrees), autotack to port and starboard and change modes between Standby, Auto, Track and Wind Vane using the included fobs.

Comes with 2 x waterproof fobs and 1 x antenna (433MHz).
Also includes a DIP switch to enable or disable the ability to select Standby mode from Button B. Great if you want to avoid accidentally putting your autopilot into Standby mode!


View the full installation and user manual on the Downloads page.


Watch a happy customer's unboxing video by clicking here.

* Autopilot must be a SeaTalk capable model.

* Raymarine SeaTalk to SeaTalkng converter and additional SeaTalkng backbone cable are also required for use with Evolution autopilots (e.g. ACU100, ACU200) (click here for a complete kit)

* This model does not have WiFi and does not work with the Madman Marine iSteer app.

AP-WRC4 Boat Autopilot Remote Control

Excluding GST
  • The AP-WRC4 autopilot remote control can be added to the following autopilots without any other parts required (except for installation materials such as electrical wire, screws and batteries)...

    • ST1000
    • ST2000
    • ST3000
    • ST4000
    • ST6000
    • ST7000
    • SP1 SmartPilot
    • SPX-5 SmartPilot
    • SPX-10 SmartPilot
    • SPX-30 SmartPilot
    • ST70P

    The AP-WRC4 can also be added to Evolution type autopilots via a Raymarine SeaTalk to SeaTalkng converter. If your boat doesn't have an existing SeaTalk to SeaTalkng converter, see the AP-WRC4 Kit for Evolution Autopilots.

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